The Shop

In Anglia, a small shop sells rare magic and clockwork items, which don’t come cheap. I’ll add another random item to the list between each session.

Bloodthirsty Throwing Knives – Magic
Cost: 2,000gp
Weight: 1
Range: 3/6/12
Skill: Throw
Deals an extra +2 damage, for a total of Strength + d4 + 2.

Capsule of Greater Healing – Clockwork
Cost: 1,000gp
Weight: 1
Use: 1
Skill: Clockwork

Capsule of Metaphysical Dissonance – Clockwork
Cost: 75gp
Weight: 1
Use: 1
Skill: Clockwork
Opposed Clockwork vs Magic test. On success, the spell is destroyed.

Capsule of Shape Change – Clockwork
Cost: 300gp
Transform into small animal – hawk, rabbit, cat, etc
Duration: 1min / 3 rounds

Gloves of Confidence – Clockwork
Cost: 3,000gp
Weight: 2
Ambidextrous: ignore -2 penalty for offhand
Steady hands: ignore unstable platform penalty (horseback, ship, etc)
Strong willed: +2 intimidation and taunt; +2 to resist tests of wills

Horn of Resistance – Clockwork
Cost: 3,500gp
Weight: 1
PP: 2
Skill: automatic (activation is still an action)
The heavy iron drinking horn produces a powerful, invigorating tonic.
Bestows raised Armor to the user, adding +4 to toughness.

Huckster’s Boots – Magic
Cost: 3,000gp
Weight: 2
Taken from the feet of a dead man, these boots bestow +3 Gambling.

Incredible Bounding Boots – Clockwork
Cost: 2,750gp
Weight: 2
Power Points: 15
Power: Fly
These thick leather boots carry a complex series of cogs and springs in the heel. With practice and a touch of insanity, they allow the user to fly! Watch those miles zoom past, adventurers!

Large Shield of Bloodyminded Shielding – Clockwork
Cost: 5,100 gp
Weight: 20
Arcane resistance: (+2 Armour against magic; -2 to cast on user, including friendly spells)
Adds +2 parry, for a total of +4
+2 armour against ranged attacks that hit

Mage Lord, Staff – Magic
Cost: 23,000gp
Weight: 8
Damage: Strength + d4
Parry: +1
Reach: 1
2 handed
Mage Lord holds 10 power points, which can be used at any time for any spell. These points recharge at the rate of one every 15 minutes.
Mage Lord grants +3 to the spell casting ability.
Mage Lord boosts the magician’s rate of power point recharge, from one every hour to one every 15 minutes.

Mask of Scales – Magic
Cost: 2,000gp
Weight: 1
When worn, this slim silver mask instantly becomes wet, and smells of the ocean. It grants +2 to all swimming tests.

Medium Shield of Deliverance – Magic
Cost: 6,050gp
Weight: 12
+1 Parry, for a total of +2 Parry
+2 Armour against ranged attacks that hit.

Pike of Great Pain – Magic
Cost: 5,400gp
Weight: 25
Reach: 2
Requires 2 hands
Deals an extra +2 damage, for a total of Strength + d8 +2.
Adds +3 to strike.

Potion of Enlightenment – Magic
Cost: 450gp
Weight: 1
Duration: 3 rounds
Raises Smarts by 1 step.

Scroll of Detect Arcana – Magic
Cost: 100gp
Weight: 1
With a successful cast, the user detects all spells and magic items being used in a battle.

Small Shield of Deliverance – Magic
Cost: 6,000 gp
Weight: 8
Bestows +1 parry, for a total of +2 parry.

Vengeful Iron Ring – Magic
Cost: 7,000 gp
Weight: 1
The wearer deals +2 damage on all melee attacks.

Vigilance – Magic
Cost: 25,200gp
Weight: 4
This legendary cavalry sabre shapes history with every drop of blood it sheds.
Deals +2 damage, for a total of Strength +d6 +2.
Bestows +1 to strike.
Improved first strike.
Improved sweep.
Quick draw.

Wand of Draining – Magic
Cost: 7,500 gp
Weight: 2
Range: 8/16/32
Skill: Shoot / Spellcasting
With a success, the target loses 1d6+1 power points. On a raise, the target loses 1d8+2.

The Shop

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