House Rules

Fourplay is about delving the dungeon and kicking the shit out of everyone with green skin. As such, some of the Savage Worlds rules will be tweaked. It’s an arcade game, which means I don’t want to (for example) keep track of how much food is in that backpack. So here’s the list of rules and stuff. Let me know if you have any problems.


Rule: When a wild card character rolls snake eyes (two 1s) on their shooting roll, that weapon is out of ammunition. Other characters are out of ammo when they roll a single 1. This includes bows, crossbows, throwing knives, etc. If you run out, you’ll have to scavenge suitable ammo before you can use the weapon again.

Reason: It’s simpler and more interesting.


Rule: Unique items come in two flavours – magical, and clockwork. Clockwork items are half price, but are also less reliable.

At the start of each gaming session, roll your Clockwork skill for each clockwork item you have. On a success, the item works normally. On a fail, something has gone terribly wrong and the item won’t be available to use. Next session, you can roll again as normal.

Reason: Clockwork items are a bridge between mundane items (which tend to be quite cheap) and magical items (which tend to be quite expensive). This also makes the Clockwork skill genuinely useful.


Rule: There are three ways to heal – magic, herbs, and naturally.

Magic healing uses the Spellcasting skill, and works as per the normal rules except it can only be used in combat.

Herbal healing uses the Healing skill, and requires healing herbs. On a success, the target heals one wound, and the herbs are not consumed. For each raise, the target heals a further wound. On a failed roll, the target does not heal any wounds, and the herbs are consumed. The process takes one hour, so herbs cannot be used in combat.

Natural healing means a Vigor roll every 24 hours. Each success heals a wound. On a roll of 1, infection sets in and you lose one wound.

Reason: The last few games of Savage Worlds, healing has been vague and a little pointless. I’ve tried to make each method of healing a distinct tactical choice, especially when time is a factor.

Recharging item PP

Rule: The PP charge of an item recharges at the start of each session. The only exceptions to this are certain items such as scrolls, which do not recharge PP.

Reason: Some special items would be very over priced if they could only be used a handful of times. Several thousand GP for one session worth of magic is a bad choice. By recharging special item PP each session, the investment becomes worthwhile and book keeping is kept to a minimum.

House Rules

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